My goal for this blog is not to share every little detail about mothering, but to find a balance in my life between who I was, who I am, and what I will become. I cannot spend every moment discussing what I found in my baby’s diaper, nor can I be self-centered and try and live my life as it was before my daughter was born. I want to become the best wife, mother, friend, and science nerd I can be. I don’t think that I can have it all, but I do think I can strike some kind of balance.

Part of growing in this way is realizing that I have “let myself go” a little bit and that I need to take time to improve myself mentally, physically, and spiritually. In order to do my best I need to take some time for myself. There is clutter in my house, on my body, and even in my car. It’s time to move it out and welcome in blessings that there currently isn’t room for.

These are my short-term goals
1. Complete a sprint triathlon
2. Do devotions most days
3. Floss my teeth most days.
4. Lose 30 lbs
5. Eat healthy foods
6. Start my own business
7. Keep my house clean
8. Go on a great vacation
9. Save money and pay off some debt
10. Complete 20 pushups in a row

Welcome and thanks for following my journey. I hope that you can see a transformation as I completely make myself over.
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