Thursday, September 1, 2011

A lesson in math

I don't take very much comfort in the statistics anymore.

When I lost my first baby, the doctors all told me that statistically I would probably never have another miscarriage. Thankfully, I had Laney with my next pregnancy, but I still didn't assume I would be in the clear. My own mother had three miscarriages. I'm already doing worse than her considering how she had child, miscarriage, child, for her first three pregnancies. I'm sitting at miscarriage, child, miscarriage.

This is why it is important to not put faith into statistics. Now that I've come up on the wrong side of statistics again, I'm reminded that I put my faith in a God who doesn't rely on drawing straws to decide our fate.

I'm going to throw myself into the next pregnancy with every fibre of my being. Mike says we need to celebrate every day of our babies' lives. I don't know how my heart will take it. I am managing this time because I kept myself detached. But, I'm done with statistics.

Poor Laney. "Mummy sad," and "Mummy crying" aren't phrases I want to become commonplace.

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