Saturday, April 20, 2013

A push-up update

Just a quick post to check in on my progress with the 100 push-up program.

I have finally completed the first two weeks of the program. I repeated a ton of days until I felt comfortable doing them. After finishing the first two weeks it is time to do another test to see where you are at. This time I managed to do eleven push-ups. That is a huge improvement from the two I was able to complete initially, so I am happy with the program and my progress.

I fell short of the sixteen I needed to move on to week three, but I am starting at day one, but with the initial test score of eleven, which already includes more push-ups than I was doing in track one. I am sure I will be able to do the minimum sixteen push-ups when I complete the next two weeks of the program (not necessarily in two weeks real time as I repeat lots of days).

I'm using the official app to track my progress and it works great. It automatically prompts me for the number of push-ups to do and counts down between reps.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

twenty-seven dresses...

I don't know about you, but I am somewhat of a clothing hoarder. I outgrow clothing and then hold on to it because I plan to fit into it again.

This results in an over-packed closet full of clothing, with nothing to wear ever. When I last organized my closet at the beginning of my weight-loss after Laney, I found it so much easier to deal with everything. Actually moving out the too-small clothing made it more motivating for me to lose weight.

original closet
after organization

I went and added clothing to the closet as I grew smaller, but I left the bigger clothing in, knowing that I was soon planning on getting pregnant. That was a mistake. I should have gotten rid of the bigger stuff and planned on only maternity clothing for my pregnancy. Leaving the bigger items in my closet made it too easy to allow myself to gain weight throughout my pregnancy with Neve and embarrassingly, more after. I think I would have thought twice if I had to go out and purchase larger clothing instead of simply pulling it out of my closet.

So, I am cleaning out my closet again. And, this time I am getting rid of clothing as they become too big.

Which, brings me to the fun way I would like to document my weight loss. I have a gazillion formal dresses, fourteen if we are going to be exact. They represent high school, family and friends' weddings, college to the present time. So, in other words they start out small and gradually get bigger.

I thought a fun motivator for me would be for me to work my way backwards through these dresses and then let them go. Either altering them to fit me at a healthy weight, or getting them out of my house forever (except my wedding dress).

Here's the first dress on the chopping block. Stay tuned.

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