Friday, March 25, 2011

Spring hasn't sprung

Please excuse me if I'm not overly enthusiastic about Spring yet. Believe me, inside I'm dying to get together a good spring-cleaning list, bake some hot-cross buns, and bust out the pastels. But when I step outside my hopes are shattered. I mean, just last week I could see the lawn and some little patches of green. I was convinced it was here. I even bought Laney an Easter dress.

Don't you think this picture is more appropriate to a Christmas card than the view from my lawn in almost-April? I thought the added caption suited better than "Happy Spring"!

But enough complaining. I will appreciate the sun all the more when it makes its appearance. I did have some fun with my camera today. And those frost crystals are really pretty.

Happy spring to those of you who are blessed with its arrival!

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