Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Here she is

I need to write down all the details so that her birth doesn't become all muddled in with Laney's. We are all healthy and my little GIRL arrived at the end of June! It was love. We said right from the start that we thought it was a girl, although, I was thrown off at the end by an ultrasound tech who said "lil fella" so I thought boy for the last two weeks.



I must say that I was terrified of going from one to two, but this hasn't seemed like too bad an adjustment at all. Maybe having a colicky first baby is a good thing because Neve's fussiness is no problem so far.

Laney is in love. It was a bit of an adjustment at first, but she has done great. She is so protective and sometimes tries to keep other people away from her.

I almost never put Neve down. I remember how quickly time flew with Laney so I have let a lot of things slide around the house. Housework will wait for me. Thank goodness for my moby wrap so I can hold her and play with Laney.

I am so happy.

Oh, and since I barely ever post, we get to skip right ahead to the smiles. Neve smiled exactly at one month which is way earlier than her big sister.

* Just an update, I've decided I don't want to use my kids' proper names on here so I've decided to call them by their nicknames on the blog instead.

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