Friday, February 11, 2011

A good old Laney update

15 months old! Wow! It's been awhile since I've given an update on Laney. I feel like she has learned so many new things that it would be impossible to list them all.

Our favourite new things:

Laney's hair is now in her eyes. I have resorted to the "palm tree" hairstyle as I don't want to cut it yet. Her hair always comes forward and I'm hoping that putting it back as it grows will help me be able to brush it back.

And, check out her lashes. I love them. I kiss her eyes all the time.

Doesn't it make her look so much older with her hair up?
 I've been trying to not care about the mess she makes and let her learn to use a spoon. I will do better with the next one, I promise. This is quite late to be learning how to use a spoon isn't it?

Another thing I'm trying to do better with is taking her outside more often. It wasn't really a problem in the warmer months, but I find I like to hibernate when the temperature drops and the ground is snow covered. This has been a very cold winter here. But, Laney still loves going outside.

She is really starting to talk. She understands so much now as well.

Words: Thank you (tank yooo), please (peas), yes, no, mummy (mama), daddy (dada), grandpa (grappa), grandma (mamma), nana, grandad (gradad), Isla (Eya) (her cousin), Laney (naney), ball (bah), book (buh), down (daoon), up, help (hep), baby, poop, bath (bat), this (dis), that (dat) and that's all I can think of.

She now weighs 22 lbs. She is also starting to run more than walk. She has been sleeping really well lately too!

Also, I want to let you know how work is going for me. My sister is watching Laney and she has adjusted with no problems. I love how excited she is when I get home though! I only work about two or three days a week and some shifts are evening shifts so it doesn't really seem like I'm away from her that much. It takes me five minutes to get to my work so it is awesome to literally have no commute.

Ideally, I would like to be a stay at home mum and I think it will happen when I have a second child. I do love my work and if I could clone myself I would. Work will always be there once my children are in school so it's not like it has to be all or nothing. Another wonderful thing about my career is that I can always work as part-time as I want (or even casual).

Thanks for all your support. It is conflicting going back to work. But, I got to spend Laney's first 14 months with her fully as a SAHM and now I'm just going to work part time for awhile. A lot of mothers have it much tougher than that so I can't (and shouldn't) complain about it.

And, to abruptly change the subject, I have to leave you with this. Normally Laney sleeps in her crib or carseat. This is what happened when we got home from church last week. I laid her on the couch to take off her tights and jacket and she fell asleep. She stayed like this for about a half hour. So cute!


  1. Oh. Em. Gee. Those lashes are to die for!! Cute post! It's always fun to read about babies the same age as Will.

  2. wow, she is seriously just getting cuter and cuter. what a beautiful little girl. those huge, dark, doey eyes and long lashes... omg.

    i'm glad your adjustment is going well. you're a great mom and she is happy and healthy and thriving!


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