Monday, February 21, 2011

Today is where I am

I never really considered myself to be a girly-girl, but Laney is turning me into one! I've been getting in touch with the outfit-loving girl inside. I bought this outfit when I was pregnant with her and remember thinking that she would never be big enough to wear it. And that seems like only yesterday.

She likes having things just so and mostly refuses to eat unless she can feed herself. So I just sit back and let the peanut butter and yogurt fly. I try not to think about the fact that maybe only half ends up in her mouth and the cheap part of me inwardly cringes at the wasted food. I'm looking forward to her being more proficient at feeding herself. It will come, I know.

And while I'm watching I thank God for little feet crossed on the highchair.  They make me smile.

I always look forward to Mike getting home from work. On this particular day, when Mike got home and saw her in this outfit he couldn't believe how big she looked. This is the first time (I think) that I have ever put her in jeans and wow, she looks big.

That's right Laney. Crawl. Mummy doesn't want you growing up too fast.

We have too much to do while you're little. We have the Five Little Monkeys to read over and over. And I don't think Daddy is ready to give up on you sitting on the couch waiting for him.

I'm caught between not being able to wait for the next one and wanting to drag my childbearing years out so that it doesn't end so soon. Often it is hard to live in the moment, not yearning for yesterday nor impatiently waiting for tomorrow. Today is where we are. And it is exactly where I want to be.


  1. first of all... BOTH THOSE OUTFITS are out of control! arg, i sure hope i get to dress a little girl someday! :) sooooo cute!

    and yes, i totally know what you mean. i'm so excited to be already pregnant... and yet at the same time i'm thinking surely i should stretch this out a little. not sure how many kids i want to have (ryan swears three+) and i'm already thinking that i'm not sure i could deal with this being my last pregnancy. seems like way too short of a period in my life! but... i've got some time. we'll see.

    in the meantime, today is where we are!!!!! thanks for the reminder.

  2. Adriel...Maybe you'll get to dress a girl this time! Either way it's really exciting. If you have another boy Levi will have a brother and I'm sure they will have so much fun.

    I want 3+ too although we'll see how that pans out after the next one.


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