Thursday, June 23, 2011

Toddler hijinks

~Always investigate if your toddler is in the room next door. This is especially important if there is an unusually long period of silence. 

Ah, the toddler milestones. Figure out how to open the fridge- check. Discover the funnest foods to play with- check. 

This literally occurred moments after telling Mike (while Laney was in the other room) how I was not looking forward to her figuring out how to open the fridge. I have no idea if this occurrence was a crazy coincidence or if she heard me talking to Mike and got the idea. They are so much smarter than we realize. 

UPDATE: Since this feat, she has discovered how to open the latch on the cabinet doors under the sink. Yikes.

In other toddler development news, after waking up in her crib last night, we could hear this from the living room, "Mummy, mummmmy, mummy, Mike, Mike, Miiiiiike, Mummy, Mike." I have no idea why she has decided to start alternately calling her daddy Mike. It's probably not helping that I laugh. 

I decided to go in after a little while (I have discovered that Laney alone and awake for any length of time do not mix).

She was completely naked. Her pajamas, blankets, soother, magical seahorse, and diaper lay in a neat pile on the floor. There were only two puddles in her crib. No poop. It's the small victories that really matter.

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  1. Bhahahaha! this is hilarious! we've had an egg incident here too. but it was totally my fault. i had been packing some food for a weekend away during levi's nap time and left a large bag on the floor when he woke up. later i was working in the office when i heard... nothing. yikes! just as i was about to investigate he rounded the corner and handed me an egg - so proud of what he'd found!! he had a huge grin on his face and hands/arms covered in egg slime. i went to the kitchen only to find 1/2 dozen eggs on the floor and some still in tact in the carton. he was so proud of his new discovery... i had to laugh! :) this age is a little crazy (and challenging at times of course) but it's so, so, so much fun!! :)


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