Thursday, August 25, 2011

1 month in

I took a few pregnancy tests during the second week of August. They were negative, but then, after the time limit a faint line would appear. This kept happening. So I bought a couple more tests and said I wasn't going to test again for a few more days.

Like I could wait. The motivation for taking the next test was the fact that I was spending my last day at the beach. Miracle Beach to be exact. I figured that there couldn't be a better place to take find out that I was expecting. So, right before we headed for home, I stopped in at the bathroom on the beach. Two lines appeared immediately.

So this is the place I thanked God for new life.

I'm currently six weeks along. The first trimester leaves me feeling in limbo. I have a 50% success rate with pregnancy so far. Hence why I am not letting myself get too excited about the new baby.

I am, however, not going to let my apprehension keep me from celebrating this point in time. Because, there is new life growing in me. And that is worth celebrating.

My stomach already feels like it is sticking out a bit. I know I still had leftover to get rid of, but that is going to have to wait awhile. As much as I've enjoyed shrinking over the past several months, I'm ready to grow again.

Grow baby grow.

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