Saturday, April 20, 2013

A push-up update

Just a quick post to check in on my progress with the 100 push-up program.

I have finally completed the first two weeks of the program. I repeated a ton of days until I felt comfortable doing them. After finishing the first two weeks it is time to do another test to see where you are at. This time I managed to do eleven push-ups. That is a huge improvement from the two I was able to complete initially, so I am happy with the program and my progress.

I fell short of the sixteen I needed to move on to week three, but I am starting at day one, but with the initial test score of eleven, which already includes more push-ups than I was doing in track one. I am sure I will be able to do the minimum sixteen push-ups when I complete the next two weeks of the program (not necessarily in two weeks real time as I repeat lots of days).

I'm using the official app to track my progress and it works great. It automatically prompts me for the number of push-ups to do and counts down between reps.

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