Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Decorating the nursery

I've really enjoyed reading how others have decorated their babies' nurseries. Check out this great post showing how it is possible to have a stylish nursery without spending a fortune.

I've been meaning to share Laney's nursery for awhile now. I love the word nursery by the way. I think of Peter Pan every time I hear it. Anyhoo, after posting a tour of my house here this past week I was finally given the push I needed to take some pictures of Laney's room. This is my favourite room in the house and is the only one that feels somewhat complete to me.

I felt that there was not enough character in her room and so we added a chair rail around the entire room. We painted everthing below it white and chose a light green (skipping stones, Disney paint) to go around the top. I made the curtains out of some Toile fabric I ordered online. I needed curtains that could block out light and ones that would be inexpensive. They were really easy to make and this is coming from someone who is basically limited to sewing in straight lines. I just wish I made them a little bit longer.

I really wanted a room that didn't feel like a display in Babies'R'Us and I also didn't want to spend a fortune on the room. To achieve the look I wanted I mixed old pieces with new and I added things that are meaningful to us.  I think the dresser is my favourite thing in Laney's room. It was given to me by my Grandmother and I love it. I think it really gives the nursery a classic look. The porcelain doll on the dresser was mine when I was a girl. The picture above the change table was something that Mike and I brought back from a trip to Pennsylvania. Mike's grandfather was Amish and this isn't a side of his family that he has had much exposure to, living in Canada and all, so we bought this to remind Laney of some of her heritage. The painting above the crib was done by his grandmother and having it in her room makes it feel special. I also ADORE the Benjamin bunny picture that my mother-in-law found in an antique store and gave me as a gift. I am also building a collection of  treasured books to add to the shelf. I hope that she enjoys them someday soon.

I really do feel that this is a nursery that can grow with Laney (sans the nursery furniture). The pink in the room isn't overwhelming and a different colour could replace it fairly easily if she wants to change it. I am really happy with the way that this room came together.

Here's the breakdown of where the major things in the room came from.

New pieces:
-bookshelf from Ikea (I need to arrange this a little better)
-change table and crib
-Amish girl picture
-lamp from Winners
-leather teddy bear

Old pieces:
-antique dresser
-antique Benjamin Bunny picture
-painting above crib
-porcelain doll on dresser
-stuffed animals
-most of the books

For me, having things in my house that remind me of loved ones and happy memories make a house a home. How do you make your home feel special?

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  1. oh, this is SUCH a sweet nursery! i love it!! i can't believe you made curtains - you go girl. and seriously, that picture above the changing table? LOVE IT!!!!! nice work - you really made a gorgeous room here and no doubt she will love it and come to appreciate the sentimentality of it and care you put into it as she gets older. love it livy!!!


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