Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Family Rules

The long weekend is officially over. Part of me is glad. It wasn't quite the relaxing summer weekend I had hoped for, but we had some fun, nevertheless. We spent Saturday at my husband's family reunion and Sunday at his uncle's wedding.

I do have some things I would like to get off my chest. Sorry if this is too whiny and negative for you.

Dear relatives,

1. Please do not come up to me and yank my baby out of my arms. Ask.
2. If you are going to grab my baby please do not put her soother in your mouth and then give it to her.
3. No, my baby can not eat that.
4. You better believe that I am going to take her back if you even attempt to give her sugary treats.
5. Do not tell me that my baby doesn't need a nap when I try to lay her down.
6. Futhermore, please do not keep pestering the baby while she is supposed to be napping. Until you are the one waking up several times a night with an upset baby you do not get to decide if she needs a nap or not.
7. I will leave in my car to allow the baby to nap if no one will leave her alone.
8. I am so thankful for hotels.

Pfew. I feel better now.

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