Thursday, July 29, 2010

My World in Nine Months

My Sweet little Laney.

How can it be? You are now nine months. You have been in the world as long as you were inside me. Can you even remember being in Mummy's tummy by now? If you can, surely those memories will soon be gone.

You are growing and changing in so many ways. You are so curious. Everything must be touched, especially if Mummy is using it. You think everything is funny. You trust everyone. All it takes is a word and a look your way to elicit a smile. You pull yourself up with no effort at all. You use anything you can get your hands on as leverage to stand. You want to walk. You still crawl, but you sometimes scuttle along without your knees even touching the floor.

Your Mummy is finished with the phrase, "I can't wait." She has said far too many times "I can't wait for you to smile, to laugh, to crawl, to be more independant, etc." She can wait. Because with the gaining of new skills comes leaving certain things behind. You don't have as much time for cuddles now that you are moving. You don't sleep with Mummy now that you sleep so well in your crib. The day will eventually come when Mummy isn't the most important person in your world and she can definitely wait for that. Yes new things are exciting, but don't grow up too fast.

I can wait.



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