Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Snippets of spring

Happy (belated) Mother's day to all you mums out there.

I had a very low-key, albeit enjoyable day. I worked on the Sunday so we celebrated on Monday instead. I got to sleep in (as I get to most weekends thanks to Mike) and then we just went out and spent time as a family.

Laney is totally enamoured with the great outdoors. This morning the first thing she said to me after getting out of bed was "side, side, mummy, side" which means outside. Ever since the snow melted a couple of weeks ago she wants to do nothing else. Even bringing her inside to eat meals can trigger meltdowns. She doesn't notice she's hungry out there.

Here's some pics from the past few weeks. I need to buy some secondhand play clothing. We are getting all her clothing stained in a hurry.

I wish I had a picture from behind. She sat down in a puddle. She then screamed when I took her indoors to get dried off and warmed up. As you can tell from the pictures it wasn't exactly a warm spring day.

And these are from Easter

One thing's certain. This kid loves "chocate" just like her daddy. Chocolate is something she has started asking me for fairly often since she got some at Easter. It sucks saying no. And I don't all the time.

She's just woken up so it's outside we go.

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