Sunday, November 21, 2010

(in)frequently (un)asked questions

OK, so I don't actually have questions asked of me very frequently. Regardless, I thought it would be fun to do a little interview with myself here. It might help you understand my blog a little better and it might not. Here we go anyways.

How many kids do you want? When will you have your next one?

Mike wants three and I want four. The thought of being done having kids makes me a little sad. Having my first made me realize how quickly time really goes. Laney was by no means easy in the first six months, and I haven't even wanted to think about the next one until recently. I am not ready yet though. I want to be in a lot better shape before I get pregnant again. I always wanted my kids to be around two years apart, so I am trying to get fit.

What does your husband do for a living?

He is a power lineman apprentice. He climbs utility poles and works on high voltage lines. It doesn't really mix well with a worrying wife. I work hard at trusting God with my husband. For the record, I didn't know what I was getting myself into when we got married. He was a social worker/youth counsellor back then.

True story, when he started pursuing the lineman field I asked him if he would consider a desk job. He responded by asking me if I knew him at all. 

What is your biggest fault?

I really have a lot of them. I don't know if this is my biggest fault, but it is the one that comes to mind right now. I am a terrible procrastinator. I put things off, especially if they are unpleasant. Unfortunately, this often means that I have constant/reoccurring thoughts in the back of my mind about what I should be doing. I am working on just doing what needs to be done because it probably requires a lot less stress and energy to just get it done with in the first place.

What sport do you think you are the best at?

I love sports (playing, not watching). I am not an amazing athlete, but would probably say I am best at soccer. In my childhood I participated in figure skating, gymnastics, ballet, jazz, diving, karate, skiing, swimming, and curling as well as many other unorganized sports.

Do you play an instrument?

I play the piano and the oboe (note: I didn't say well). I haven't played either in a long time.

What is something your readers don't know about you?

I don't think that I am capable of having a boy. A doctor once told my Mum that some women have a hard time carrying boys. My Nana had three girls and two miscarriages, my Mum had four girls and three miscarriages, and so far I have had one girl and one miscarriage. Two of my three sisters have one girl each and no miscarriages. My Mum has always thought that her three miscarriages were boys. I haven't really looked into this to see if there might be some truth to it, but I am convinced that I will only have girls. Weird, huh? It also makes me terrified that I will have more miscarriages.

Are you a glass half-full or half-empty kind of person?

I desperately want to see the glass as half-full, but I think my natural tendency is to be more pessimistic (let's make that sound better and say realistic). I have mentioned before that I struggle with worry. This often causes me to see the worst case scenario or to be afraid of what could go wrong. This is something I am working on. Maybe worry is my biggest character flaw.

What are your favourite blogs to read?

I like reading a variety of blogs. Here are a couple of my must-reads.

Enjoying the Small Things: I'm guessing that there is a good chance you already know about Kelle's blog. I find her inspiring in that she makes me appreciate the everyday more. Some of my favourite posts from her blog include her Isles of Capri posts, but they make me wish for a warmer climate!

The Mommyhood Memos: Adriel writes such great posts. They are well-thought out and I look forward to reading them. She has tons of great informational posts for mums. Check out her post on choosing a childcare centre or this one about how all mums are hardworking mums.

Thanks for humouring me with this post. To be honest, I thought of the title first and couldn't resist the rest.

I would love to know more about you guys though. Could you do me a favour and either answer one of the above questions or tell me something else about you? What blogs are you reading these days?

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