Wednesday, October 20, 2010


My sister and I decided to hold a yard sale on the weekend. I have been collecting things that I don't want anymore for awhile and thought this would be the perfect oppurtunity to get rid of some of it and also make a buck or two. I made $30. Anyways, I don't know quite what I did wrong, but I only sold about three items. And, a yard sale is a lot of work. I don't know that $30 really is worth the effort. Perhaps it was just too cold. I am keeping the stuff and will try again in the spring. Otherwise, I think I'm done with yard sales.

Do you have any tips for yard/garage sales?

Even though we didn't sell much, my sister and I had fun hanging out. Laney loved seeing her cousin too.

In other news, I got my top up pay from work. It was a lot more than I expected. God always seems to provide for us when we need it and I feel a little better about not having a job to go to right away. I have a possibility, but won't really have any more details until the end of November.

I also just want to thank all of you who have taken the time to leave comments in the past. I really try not to get caught up in how many comments I get, but I never anticipated how uplifting it is to receive tips, advice, and supportive comments. Thank you. I have never been one to plan my posts, but I do have a few "scheduled" ones coming soon. I have a really great (or at least I think so) idea for working on my weight loss through a series of posts, I have to finish the story of how Mike and I met, and I also have a giveaway coming up. I am hesitant about doing giveaways and am curious what you all think of them. I certainly do not want to become a review/giveaway site, but I think a giveaway every now and then would be OK. No?


  1. Last time we had a yard sale, it poured! I think we had 3 or 4 people show up. I love going to them, but having one is alot of work. Hope your next one is more successful!

  2. Oh garage sales! They always seem like a good idea don't they? My tips would be to price stuff SUPER cheap. The point is to get rid of stuff right? And presentation does matter I think. Keep it organized by grouping like items together and if you are selling clothes they will sell better if they are hanging up. Good luck if you try again! They are a lot of work.
    Giveaways can just be fun to do sometimes. But if they are stressful then it isn't worth it.

  3. Garage sales are much more fun to go to then to set up and do yourself in my opinion! Maybe with the good stuff you can make a "yard sale" page on your blog. People can check it out and if they want it you can ship it to them I've seen a lot of other blogs do it!

    About the giveaways I think they're great every once and a while. When I started doing a lot I moved them to a completely different blog so it didn't clutter my personal blog.

  4. Nothing makes me want to scream more than holding a yard sale! =) We live in a very yard-sale-friendly neighborhood and even with a lot of "good junk" to sell, we never make more than $100. Now I will take the $100 and be happy to pay a bill with it. But after all the work that goes into it, when the neighbor down the road says he made $800 at his yard sale...That's usually when the urge to scream starts. I'm really interested to see the tips you receive so that we might use them next time, too!


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