Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Why I quit my job

You may remember me freaking out awhile back about going back to work. The good news is that I can delay that panic as I don't have to go back to work right now. I quit my job! I know it seems crazy when you consider that I don't have another job lined up, we need the money in order to make our monthly payments, and there is no way I could make even close to my previous wage unless I can find another lab tech position. It was best for both me and my family, however. I won't be staying at home for too long. I am looking for a new position.

Quitting left me feeling like this!
I am a planner. I like to have everything figured out. I have worked since I was fifteen and have never quit a job without having another one to go to. Sometimes, it is good to make a decision that needs to be done without knowing how it's going to turn out. Part of me, wanted to stay at my job. I mean, it wasn't the greatest place, but it paid well and it was secure. But, I knew that this job would not be great for my family, especially because it leaves me feeling negative and frustrated most of the time (I might go into that another time, maybe after I have a new job). Ideally, I would have another job already, but life isn't always ideal. We have enough money saved to carry us over for a few months. I am going to have a job by then.

And if not, do any of you have a large refrigerator box that you're not using?


  1. This sounds like a great decision! I love boxes and have one you can borrow.

  2. I tweeted about this. Team Hedgehog.

  3. congratulations on your decision. what an adventure ahead of you. Enjoy the freedom of no job!

  4. Bless you.... I'm sure you'll find a better match....

    Have a great weekend....


  5. Wow, congrats, and good for you! Sometimes I wish I could quit my job but I'm the same... Can't until I have another job lined up, I've been working since 15 as well!

    Oh, and my hubby's not working, hahah! So kinda gotta keep working for now, but maybe one day! It's hard being away from my baby so much!

    Can't wait to see how things work out for you!

    Oh, I found you through a bloggy community.. I think! I can't remember how I got here! But hi!

  6. Thanks for the positive feedback everyone! It hasn't really sunk in yet because I'm still technically on maternity leave. I will definitely notice if I haven't found another job by the new year.

  7. I started working at 15 and stayed home with my son when he was small. We did without. My son's toys were pots and pans and a big refrigerator box. I have fond memories of that time. It all works out.


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