Tuesday, October 5, 2010

OK I totally failed

I haven't been exercising. I haven't been eating all that healthy. I haven't done pushups for awhile.

And, that's why I haven't been talking about it on here. Because I feel like a failure. I know it's common to start off with a whole lot of motivation. Why can't I seem to keep it going? I feel like I'm at a standstill. Mike is starting to want another child and I refuse until I get my body back. I don't want to get to the point where it is so far down the road that I just go for it with my body the way it is. I want to be healthy in my next pregnancy. I know it will only be more difficult to get my body back after another pregnancy and with two small children. That is why I need to do it now.

So, I'm jumping back on the wagon. And, hopefully, this little one will keep me motivated.


  1. It's totally normally to go through phases and luckily it's also never too late to get back on track. I definitely I have my "slippery slope" moments myself.

    The important thing is you realise it and have such great (and very cute!) inspiration. Good luck!

    Fellow penguin,

  2. Cut yourself some slack. Exercising with little ones is really hard. And when the second one does come along by a really good jogging stroller (the kind that babies can go in from day one; Phil and Teds is what we use). Even if all you do is walk with the two of them the effort of pushing two of them will have the pounds melting off at the beginning. Trust me IT WORKS!

  3. What a cutie! What better inspiration can there be as that little girl will learn her health habits from you and those she is around.

    Sometimes when I get bogged down feeling like a failure, I ask myself if I've done anything, anything at all, that was a success. You know - I ate one veggie or walked somewhere. Feeling good about what I have done is more motivating for me than feeling bad about what I haven't done. Besides my "haven't done" list is always so long and impossible anyway!

    I'm also part of your penguin group at SITS.

  4. Stopping from Tribe Hedgehog. Just keeping up with my little man is great exercise.

  5. OMG! We are blogging about a very similar feeling today..lack of motivation, I am sure you are gonna get back on the wagon soon. Love your pictures! Thanks for stopping by my page!

  6. That is one ADORABLE baby! I have my gandbaby one day per week and I can't get a thing done when she is here. It's hard to stay motivated when you are so stinkin' busy! Cut yourself some slack, focus on the good things, workout when you can, try to fit it in, but if it doesn't happen, then be okay with it! Eat healthy and your little one will have the best momma of all! I'm part of the SITS Penguins!

  7. Thanks everyone for your support.

    I do realize that I need to cut myself some slack. The problem is that I sometimes use being so busy as an excuse in my head to not exercise. I do have pockets of time when I could fit it in, I just choose not to because I'm tired, etc. etc. I would probably have more energy if I exercised.

    I also need to allow myself to fail and not use failing as an excuse to quit something.

  8. just... DANCE! While holding your baby! :)

  9. Following from the hedgehog group/tribe/whateves :)

    I take Mason and I do squats with him and things like that. I think it helps a little but like you lately I just have felt motivated which is a shame because I really really want to be in shape again!

  10. I am the same way. I've started taking my kids for a two mile walk around the neighborhood 3-4 times a week after dinner. They ask for it now so that really helps to keep me on track!


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