Sunday, October 31, 2010

the first birthday party

Wow. What a week. Laney turned one. We had friends and family from out of town. Count 'em five babies at my house! I loved watching the little ones play together. But, boy oh boy, trying to coordinate naps with that many babies is quite the challenge. As I write this, Laney is having a long catch-up nap in our now quiet house. Mike is also having one of those on the living room floor. Mike wants to hand out candy tonight, but I'd much prefer a lights-out quiet evening.

On Laney's birthday she was still feeling quite sick. She spent most of the day wanting to be held so I got some rare cuddles.

I planned on giving her cake at her party so on her birthday I just made some homemade ice cream for her. She enjoyed the ice cream, but the party hat, not so much.

On Friday, Laney's buddy came over for some fun. This was my attempt at being one of those mums who isn't afraid to let things get a little messy. The plan was to gut the pumpkins and then fingerpaint. Both girls hated it. They didn't want to get their hands dirty and wouldn't touch the pumpkins. Then, neither one of them wanted to touch the paint. Laney kept slipping in the paint which provided a little amusement. The only part the two of them liked was playing on the plastic sheet before we started and the bath at the end. 


Laney's birthday party was lots of fun. One of our friend's gave her a massive Winnie the Pooh balloon and she loved it. Loved it. She carried it around for basically the entire party. I will not show up at another one-year-old's birthday party without one.

She did need a little break or two every now and then though.

Watching her eat her cake was hilarious. She started by daintily picking at it. This was followed by hands free leaning over the cake and biting it, and finally full-on smashing the cupcake.

Thanks for all your birthday wishes for Laney! I can't believe she's one. And, don't forget to enter the 35$ CSN gift card giveaway. Click here.

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