Monday, October 18, 2010

Hay bum

Sorry about the title.

There is something about having babies that makes me enjoy every season, every breath just a little bit more. I have wonderful memories of my childhood and I want the same for Laney. In some ways, experiencing everything with her and watching the wonder in her eyes makes me feel like I am living a second childhood. With that being said, we have really been relishing this autumn. I love how the air turns crisp and provides a great excuse for sweaters and thick blankets to curl up with on the couch. Perfection would be Laney allowing me to snuggle with her under said blankets. Oh to dream.

What colour do you call her eyes? Are they hazel?
We went to a corn maze where Laney was able to hang out with some of her baby-buddies. They had this awesome inflatable balloon like thing. It was way better than a trampoline. And, what a workout! I need to find out if they make these in backyard sizes. Who needs grass?

Here is the reason for the title. Enough said.

As for the actual corn maze, my friend and I decided to do the little kids one. Yeah, we couldn't find our way through. We made an executive decision to avoid the large one as it supposedly takes about two or three hours to finish. With my direction sense I would probably need to take flares in with me to alert the search party after Mike noticed us missing later that night.

My thoughts these days are turning towards Christmastime. Mike is doing his best to delay my decorating urges until November. You see, I am not a Halloween girl. I have never liked the occasion (save for the candy and sometimes dressing up). I guess that is pretty much the whole thing though. No, what I don't like are the ghoulish costumes and celebration of evil. Laugh if you must, but I have always been extremely sensitive and would have nightmares as a child. I can't watch even the mildest of scary movies. I even find myself avoiding blog posts when I see Halloween in the title. I don't like the creepy decorations. I still don't know how we will "celebrate" on October 31 with our family. I kind of want to make it a family night where we turn off the lights, rent some movies, and eat pizza and candy. I know my kids might have other ideas as they grow, but we will take it as it comes. I'm up for costumes for my kids, just not the scary ones. Just thought I would explain why you won't find me excited about Halloween.

I will leave you with this. It didn't stick for long, but I expect that it soon will.

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