Saturday, July 10, 2010

Being a good wife

Am I the only one who, after having a baby, tends to put my husband's needs in low priority?

My husband (Mike) is a huge soccer fan. He played in college and has played every season since he was a child, until this year. So with World Cup fever running high, he asked me if we could host a world cup party. I said yes.

Because of this, I spent the evening prepping food and fixing up the house. Mike helped tons. I really appreciate this about him. He is always (almost) willing to help me when I ask him to do something. I really need to work on doing the same for him.

I am cheering for Spain tomorrow and he is cheering for the Netherlands. To encourage a little fun rivalry, I made sugar cookies with gingerbread man cutouts and kitted them up! I couldn't resist giving the Netherlands team sad faces and the Spanish team happy faces.

We also have a bet between us. If Spain wins, I get an evening where he will give me a good back massage and we will watch any movie I choose. If the Netherlands wins, he gets me cooking his favorite meal, chicken lasagne rollups, and a back massage. I really hope I win. I am going to pick the girliest movie that I can!

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