Thursday, July 22, 2010

Where Did My Baby Go?

Pretty much the first thing every mum will tell you when they find out you are expecting is that you need to cherish every moment because it goes by so fast. It is not always easy to do this when you are in and out of your bed during the night more times than you can count trying to console an inconsolable baby. But, at the risk of sounding really cheesy and cliche, I have to admit that they were right.

Laney is almost nine months and I can't believe how fast she is growing up. The early months seem like such a distant memory. Every time I see a little baby I can hardly believe that only a few short months ago, Laney was that small. I really miss the cuddles. She is too busy pulling herself up on everything and motoring around to give her poor mum some love. Now, she has to be pretty much passed out to let me snuggle her.

She is constantly at my feet when I'm in the kitchen. This is the first time she pulled up on Mike.

She moves so fast!

The baby carrier always works like magic when I want a cuddle.


  1. oh my gosh, this is too cute and so true! i can't believe that my levi is turning six months next week. but he was just born..... wasn't he?

    and seriously, that last photo? for real? hilarious!!!

  2. Thanks. It seriously goes too fast. Now if only my post-baby weight would go as fast. Can't say she was just born anymore.

  3. Also, that last picture is totally real! I couldn't believe it when I took the carrier off. I actually checked to make sure she was still breathing!


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