Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Stuck in a rut

I don't know about you, but I sometimes become a slave to routine. I've noticed that since being at home with Laney, I tend to do the same predictable things over and over. I really want to get out with her and do different things, but for some reason the day just escapes me after I've finished changing diapers, getting her dressed, feeding her, putting her down for naps and then repeating the whole process. I am about to go crazy thinking about how repetitive I've become.

As another aside, I think I have been struggling a lot with anxiety since having Laney. I used to bite my nails and hadn't in a long time. I started again after having Laney. I am going to put a huge effort into quitting. I don't know that the anxiety is serious enough to warrant a discussion with my doctor, but I get so paranoid and upset thinking of everything that could happen to Laney. I have come across a few sad stories of babies dying or getting very sick and it reduces me to tears just thinking about how devastating it must be for those mothers and fathers. I think I may need to avoid them for now as it just gets me too worked up.

I really need to put more of an effort into getting out with her. To that end, I will be forcing myself to plan something for this afternoon. It is beautiful outside. I think a walk in the park is in order.

Stay in tune for some photos when we get back.

OK. We're back. That was exactly what I needed. We both enjoyed it so much. There is nothing like getting outside to bring some joy into your life. I think everyone should have a garden. Even if you only have 1 square foot and you just have room for one little pot. Even if you have the thumb-of-plant-death instead of a green thumb.

We first went to the splash park and I let Laney play around in the water. Then we sat down and had lunch. After this, we went for a walk around the pond and it was simply beautiful. The birds were chirping and it was just lovely. Laney loves it outside too and she is much more content than when she is indoors.

She picked up her sippy cup for the first time and drank out of it

I tried to get a picture of me while Laney was making me laugh, but missed and then the memory card was full.I let her do some exploring on the grass and she kept trying to eat it.

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