Sunday, July 25, 2010

Times Like These

What a wonderful weekend I've just had. We had one of those rare summer weekends with no plans and nowhere to hurry off to.

We spent some time in a local park, walking around.

We pushed Laney in a swing. She absolutely loved it.

We took her to the splash park, which she was a little more unsure of.

Then we set off for home with a happy baby.

Finally, I had some time of pure bliss on Sunday evening. I don't know about you, but I cherish time by myself every now and then, even more so after becoming a mother. Mike left to play basketball with some friends and Laney was down for the night (OK, a little more realistically, until the first feeding). I went out and sat on my deck and just sat in silence. I love evenings like that. The TV off. No music playing. No talking. I just took in the beautiful evening. I was alone with my thoughts. And it was wonderful.

Of course I couldn't resist a few dorky shots of myself taking it all in.


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  2. Hi, Thanks for checking me out!


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