Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Eleven months

The last month of the first year has begun. Laney is starting to shed some of her baby ways. Little glimpses of the little girl emerging are becoming evident. And she is a lovely girl, though I have a feeling that we're in for a bit of trouble because she is so spirited. I love her spirit in spite of that though. I struggled trying to get her to sleep well. Part of me didn't want her to give in and sleep because I liked the fact that she didn't give up. That part of me lost though, because I do need sleep myself. In the midst of trying to help her learn how to sleep without cry-it-out, I remember saying to Mike that I don't want to break her spirit, although I would like to mold it. And by mold, I mean form, not decay by the growth of fungi.

In other developments, I tried feeding Laney a baby biscuit today and she choked. I was ready to flip her onto her tummy when the chunk she tried to swallow came out. Being a mother comes with a whole new set of fears. Due to her inability to chew properly, I think we'll stick with the purees for now. I really hope that by the time kindergarten rolls around I won't be as well acquainted with my blender. Sorry Laney. You aren't allowed any food that required chewing.

Highlights this month:

-She slept through the night a couple of times
-She walks about as often as she crawls
-She says "RAHRRRR" when asked what a lion says
-Plays peek-a-boo whenever she has a blanket near
-Says mum, dada
-Loves shaking her head "no" when asked a question
-She bounces up and down while standing
-She is doing a fake laugh now to try and get us to laugh
-Enjoys crawling through and over obstacles

Here are some photos I took for eleven months.

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  1. I've just been spending some time reading your posts and really enjoy them! You write wth a lot of honesty and feeling! Your little girl is such an angel...so beautiful.:)


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