Sunday, September 19, 2010

I love mountains

I grew up in the Rocky Mountains. I thought I would live in them forever. Then I moved to the prairies for university and met a boy. A prairie boy. So, I am still in the prairies. I have learned to love my new home here but the mountains will always be my favourite. 

Mike and I decided to head for Banff for a couple of days last week, hence, the lack of blogging. Well, that and due to my incessant picture-taking of Laney, I have filled up the hard drive on my computer. I spent much of yesterday transferring photos onto a portable hard drive.

I was quite disappointed with the photos I took on our vacation. Laney came down with a cold and was not the happiest camper. She barely slept and we didn't get very many photos of her because she spent most of the trip inside my ergo carrier or on Mike's shoulders. I had visions of capturing images of Laney with the majestic Rocky Mountains in the background, but those will have to wait for another trip.

This was the view from our hotel. We spent both days just walking around Banff. I earned two blisters on the first day, but they were worth it.

These are some beautiful gardens we walked to from our hotel. I have been to Banff several times before, but I cannot recall visiting here on those trips. I absolutely love gardens. I instantly feel at peace. If I was a gazillionaire I would have an indoor garden. Actually, maybe I would live in a climate that allowed a year-round outdoor garden. Thoughts to ponder. For now, my potted plant will have to suffice.


This is the historic Banff Springs Hotel. Mike's grandmother actually worked here during WWII. As a child, I remember my mum telling me that the Queen stayed here, and I used to imagine being a princess in the tower.

Laney appreciated the architecture. I think she was marvelling at the chandeliers and wishing that they were ceiling fans instead.

And of course my little water baby loved the pool at our hotel. I don't think she has ever cried in water.

I hope you have enjoyed the past week too.


  1. Beautiful pictures! I love the silhouette one and the last one. She's such a cutie!

    I used to live in South America and there most countries have mountains. When I moved to Chicago I was young and surprised to see none. As I grew older I heard of the Rocky Mountains so I've always wanted to visit. =)

  2. Thanks!

    I've always wanted to visit South America myself.

    You should definitely visit the Rocky Mountains.

  3. I think your photos are amazing! What a beautiful family.

  4. BTW, Patagonia is INSANE. Get there if you can!

  5. I have never heard of Patagonia and am going to Google it.


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