Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Need some Christmas shopping ideas?

I am starting to think about Christmas shopping. During the year, I always come up with great gift ideas, but I never write them down. This leads to last-minute-I-guess-it's-going-to-be-another-necktie kind of shopping.

This year I am determined to be prepared.

For Laney:

I love this Christmas dress.

I have a dresser I want to refinish for Laney's room and I would love to get these monogrammed knobs.

Isn't this kid's apron the cutest?

 I found this doll. I am debating getting it for her and keeping it aside until she's a bit bigger.

I could (and probably will) devote an entire post to the books I want to collect for Laney to read and cherish. For now, I will just pick one of my childhood favourites for the list.

 For Mike:

I want to get this for him. It is called Ladder Golf. I played it for the first time and it is tons of fun and I don't usually like games. It is perfect for the backyard, picnics, camping, you name it.

Our game collection is seriously lame. We have maybe three in our cupboard. This is one I know that Mike would enjoy.

You can never have enough of these living in Canada. Mike would like this.

This won't happen anytime soon, but Mike and I once saw a really nice foosball coffee table. He still talks about it. I would love to surprise him one day with one.

For me:

If Laney is going to have a cute apron then I want one too.

The weather lately has me craving a nice jacket.

I like jewelry. Period.

I thought this idea is so neat. It is a personalized world travel map. This would be so cool to have in our future family room.

 For the record, I have no affiliation with any of the companies/products on this list.

What's on your Christmas shopping list? And does anyone know where I can find a ladder golf set?

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