Sunday, September 5, 2010

Write it down

I am in the process of writing out Laney's birth story. I meant to do it right away, but never did. While some memories seem to be forever burned into my memory, others are fading. I spent this evening getting all the raw details written down. Once I have it all done, I will write out the story.

This is the very first picture ever taken of Laney. The first of thousands so far.

I love how she looks so wrinkled in this one.

If I could make any moment of my life last forever, this would probably be it.

 They woke us up at about 3 am for Laney's first bath.

The first time Mike got to hold her.

One of the many cuddles that I stole after they told me that Laney was jaundiced. I wasn't allowed to hold her except for feedings and diaper changes. I remember Mike told me not to look so sad and so in the rest of this set of pictures, I am smiling.

 Laney hated the lights and this was the only way I could calm her down.

 Finally getting to head for home.

A few more tidbits from Laney's birth story:

-I had a hind leak. My water broke at the top of my stomach, but did not fully break.
-I was in labour on my own, but they still gave me Pitocin. I don't know why.
-My labour was very quick and the pushing part was only about 25 minutes.
-I will never ever forget the moment they placed her on my chest.
-Laney was jaundiced and had to spend three days under the lights
-I got H1N1 when she was five days old. I was very sick at one point.

For those of you who have recently given birth or are about to, all I can say, is write it down! Every baby has a unique and wonderful birth story. Try and do it as soon as possible. I know you will be so tired after the baby is born, but if you even just put it in point form you will be able to write it out more eloquently later on. I know that the whole experience is so intense and that you feel as if you will remember every detail. The fact is that if you are like me you probably will start to forget some of these details as time goes on.

I never want to forget the experience of meeting my firstborn child. Have you written your childrens' birth stories? Did you stick to the facts or did you include your thoughts and feelings also?


  1. Thanks so much for your sweet comment on my blog! Great to e-meet you! :-) I loved reading your daughter's birth story...I really wish I would have done that with my children. It would have been neat to look back one day and remember all the little details. Well, if we have baby #4, I'll definitely do it - LOL! Have a wonderful week!

  2. Thank you for sharing this, such a wonderful think to share. And you will always have it to share with her some day!!! Wonderful!


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