Sunday, September 26, 2010

laugh your way

I managed to do it. I left Laney with Mike's parents for the first time. Maybe I can relax a little about going to work part-time now that I spent a day away from her. We left her so that we could attend a marriage seminar on Friday evening and Saturday. It was called "Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage."

I'm not going to review the whole seminar. It is available on DVD and we thoroughly enjoyed the entire thing. Besides being entertained, we learned a lot of things that we can apply to our marriage.

The best part about the whole thing was having some uninterrupted time together. I actually forgot what it is like to go for a walk with Mike and just be able to talk together without focusing on anything else. Sure, we can do that at home when Laney is in bed, but there are always other things that seem to prevent us from actually sitting down and having conversations. We tend to keep busy or even just have the television on in the background (or at least Mike does).

I feel renewed.

This weekend also reminded me that I need to make my husband's needs a priority. I tend to get so focused on taking care of Laney that I don't really make a huge effort with Mike. I'm not just a mummy, but a wife too. And I don't want to forget that.

How do you feed your marriage when life gets busy?


  1. i love this series! LOVE it! after we saw it at church, mu hubs and i asked for it as a wedding gift (we saw it when we were engaged). we've since watched it many times with other couples, small groups, loaned it out, etc. SUCH a good resource. a friend who's been married over 30 years gave me this advice when i was engaged: do something for your marriage each year like read a marriage book, watch some marriage DVDs, etc. and then try and do a marriage retreat every three years or so. don't wait until you *need* it, but do it so you won't *need* it later on when things get harder. SUCH good advice and we've taken that right on board. this series is by far the best stuff we've found yet though. LOVE. (and love that i can give it to my non-Christian friends too and they enjoy it and don't feel like it's too "religious".)

  2. Adriel,

    I think I want to get the DVD set too. He really has a way of presenting some truths in a way that keeps you paying attention.

    That is such great advice you were given. I think we need to follow it as well. Mike and I thought of a few friends that we'd like to share this set with.


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